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Experience the peace of mind to know your business’s financial house is in order so you can focus on growing it, generating more revenue, and reducing costs where practical.

Your real value as a successful entrepreneur is nurturing and growing a financially healthy business. Realistically, however, this is often difficult to achieve when you’re mired down with time-consuming financial and bookkeeping tasks that must be completed.

Small to medium sized businesses and individuals have used us for independent bookkeeping and tax services during the past 14 years as a cost effective alternative to full time employees. Some of the more important benefits they derived from using our services that include the following:
  • Peace of mind to know that all financial information is accurate, current, and in order
  • Tax returns are accurate and timely presented to CPA
  • Quality time to focus on reaching tactical and strategic goals
  • Reduction in expenses for payroll, payroll taxes, WCI, vacations, and other such employee related matters

Services can be performed on a part time basis in your facility, remotely, or some combination of the two, as you prefer.


"If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur: just because someone can count doesn't mean they’re an accountant." Cristina


"CM Accounting has been a lifesaver in keeping my personal and business financial information accurate and up to date. Knowing my monthly bookkeeping, financial statements, 1099s, and year-end financials will always be accurate lets me focus on my business and make plans intelligently. My CPA prepares the tax return without having to spend time gathering information because everything is accurate and timely provided… and this saves me money. I had never used an outside company to do my bookkeeping and was skeptical about the “remote” work, but it worked out wonderfully. I’ve referred clients and colleagues to CM and all have been very satisfied with their professionalism."

Marc Silverman
Strategic Initiatives
Miami Beach, FL

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